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The people in this world do not always want to go to work, or just go to another city. Sometimes they want to on holiday to a tourist attraction. You will find various tourist attractions spread out all over the map. Tourist attractions differ in their popularity, and so will have different passenger and mail levels.

If a passenger (or mail.. works same way) finds a route to a tourist attraction they want to visit, the passenger will be created and be found waiting at your station for transport. A return trip passenger will also be created at the tourist attraction, awaiting a ride home.

Not only does the tourist want to go to this attraction, but there is also a specific part of the attraction they want to visit. To make sure you can serve as many passengers as possible, make sure the cachment area of the station serving it completely cover all tiles of the attraction. Some of them can be quite large, requiring carefully planning of your stations

Clicking on a tourist attraction with the inspection icon will open the Tourist Attractions Dialoque. Tourist Attractions are also listed in the Tourist Attractions List, and shown in the World Map.

Q: I have connected a tourist attraction to a city, but very few passengers are begin created.

A: Passengers (and mail) leaving a tourist attraction will be equal to those traveling to the attraction. A tourist attraction no longer works like a passenger producing factory. For every one passenger and mail that finds a valid route to a tourist attraction, one return passenger and mail is generated at the attraction.

Q: There should be (passengers/mail/goods) waiting here, but they are not appearing in my station!

A: Remember that the station has to have the necessary attributes to collect (passengers/mail/goods). See (en_StationDialogue|Stations Dialoque)) to see what your station is collecting from the cachment area.


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