How to... Create a Wiki-Article

Tutorial written by MoTW in Intl. Forumlink-external - slightly modified to reflect that we are already at Simutrans Wiki

Tutorial: How to... Create a Wiki-Articlelink

This tutorial will guide you through the process of writing a wiki article and thus helping other Simutrans players. Don't fear, it's easier than you think!

First you need to register for a new account, so choose your nickname and password. Already registered? Login.

Once you have chosen the topic you want to write about, think of how you are going to write. Perhaps you may want to create a pre-version in a (simple) text editor like gedit etc. (Linux), Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac).

When you're quite happy with your solution, go to the frontpage and choose your preferred language at next. You can do this by clicking at our logo

Next, you'll need to create a new page in order to start writing. To do so, have a look at the left column of the wiki. Look for the search box, enter either the name for the new article (if you're going to post an article which does not exist so far) or the (exact) name of an already existing page to be prompted to edit it and click Edit. If you want to edit an article but don't know its exact name, don't worry: Just start typing the topic and there will be suggestions made while typing.

Once you have submit the name for a new article, you will be prompted to a page where you have to select the language in which your article will be. Do so, and click on 'choose language' when you're done.

The first thing you might want to do is to set the headline for your article so the user get to know the topic. In the editing page, just click the 'H1' button. There will be something like '!text' appearing in your text box. Just remove the 'text' (don't remove the exclamation mark!) and type your heading. Alternatively, just enter an exclamation mark into the textbox followed by your heading - remember not to make a space between the exclamation mark and your heading, otherwise it won't be recognized as a headline.

Later you may want to use sub-headings. For sub-headings just click on the 'H2' and 'H3' buttons or type '!!' for heading n°2 or '!!!' for heading n°3.


Some tips to improve quality of the wiki:
  1. Do not write in first person
    Do not write as you were chating, don't say I think, I did, I do this way, etc.
  2. Do NOT use smileys
    This is a wiki, just use when adding a comment or sending a message to someone.
  3. Confirm what your typing
    Try searching if what your writing is true. Ask at the forumlink-external. If you can't confirm, than write something like: that's not confirmed.
  4. Add links
    There's an option to add links to other wiki pages, add on your page to make connections between pages.
  5. Write as you were on Wikipedia
    Write cool, in a clear and comprehensive way. Do NOT save at first, there's a preview button to see if it's cool. Use with no moderation.
  6. Others can edit
    Don't worry if the page is not perfect, others will modify and enhance the page. But do your best.

When adding a link to a location with a different language than the one used on the article, here English, add the language between parenteses on links end just like this example: Simutrans German Forums (German)link-external

Take a look on other pages already done to take some ideas on how to make a good wiki page. Take a look at the links, the way it was writen. There's a Source button to see the page code, there you can get some elements to use on your page.

Adding a Table of Contentslink

If you want add a Table of Contents on top of the page, use this code:
Table Of Contents Code
Copy to clipboard

Adding Imageslink

Adding images can be very important to a page. You can search if this image already exist here in the wiki in the Image Gallery, or you can upload a new image. All options are on the left bar too. When you upload an image in the Wiki, add it in the right category. If you don't know the right one, try asking at the shoutbox on registered users page.

IMPORTANT: In the image description add the Simutrans version you used. If applicable add the pakset used and the its version. This helps a lot to update the images to new version.

To add an image use this code:
Image Code
Copy to clipboard
[tiki-browse_image.php?imageId=ImagemID|{img id=ImagemID stylebox=border width=XX height=XX align=left,right,center desc=ImageDescription}]

If align parameter is missing the image will be placed in a new line. "width and height'' are also optional, just use when the image is too big. Test if you didn't understood.

Edit Area Buttonslink

For an explanation of the buttons in the editor, visit quick tags page.


Before submitting your article, press the 'Preview' button which will make you able to correct mistakes before placing your article in the web.

At the bottom of the input box, you must enter a summary of the changes you made, upload pictures and several things more.

That's it! Now you've learned the basics of wiki syntax. For further information, visit the Tikiwiki homepage at http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.phplink-external or ask our friendly members!

I hope I have encouraged you to help writing the documentation of Simutrans. Don't fear, write! ;)
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