The 123.0.1 version of Simutrans has been released

Change list from history.txt

Release of 123.0.1 (r10421 on 29-Jan-2022):
  • ADD: button to remove double entries in schedules
  • FIX: up/down arrows in schedule broken
  • FIX: Simulation speeds up uncontrollably in some cases if New World dialogue is open
  • CHG: lang files are loaded if their name is * or XX*.tab. The first is preferred to avoid confusion by name like
  • ADD: selected convoi in minimap now magenta. Also network display properly updated when activating or closing windows
  • ADD: Option to adjust screen scaling manually (either via display settings or '-screen_scale' command line option)
  • ADD: All resizeable windows will have a minimize button in the title
  • ADD: Illegal schedule entries are highlited and a button to clear them up will appear.
  • ADD: Infinite mouse scrolling can be activated manually in the display settings; but it will fail with certain touch devices
  • CHG: new versions of pak48.excentrique, pak64.german, pak128, pak128.German