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Installing Simutranslink


Simutrans is an application that can execut immediately after the download. The only necessary component is a installed PAK Set / Graphics set. Without this, ST want work, because it is the "visualization" of the game.

  • The Application

There are 4 possible options to download Simutrans:

the official Homepage : www.simutrans.comlink-external
the Forum : int.Forum Ankündigungenlink-external
over Sourceforge : SourceForge Simutrans Downloadlink-external
with Steam : Steam Simutranslink-external

For Linux is simutrans partly in the distribution repositories available. The version maybe outdated but should still works with PAK 64, PAK 128 & PAK 128 Britain.

Alternatively, the Simutrans repository can be used. This is currently in test/beta status, but works with Fedora 18 & 24 plus Ubuntu 16/17/18.x & Linux Mint 19.x. (self tested)

simuwin is for Windows, simumac for Mac and simulinux for Linux OS. Note also that Mac and Linux may require additional files. See below

  • The Graficset ( PAKset )

There are a lot of different Paksets, but you need only one installed to play ST.

You can download Paksets here:

The official Homepage : http://www.simutrans.com/paksets.htmlink-external
In the Forums : http://forum.simutrans.com/index.php?topic=11154.0link-external
and over Sourceforge : http://sourceforge.net/projects/simutrans/files/link-external
Keep in Mind, that the installed Paksets/Graficsets fits with the Version from Simutrans you have installed. The Simutrans version at SourceForge is directly indicated in the download link. If you don't know it at all, you can find it in the top left corner of the title bar when you start the program. Older Pakset/Graficset versions usually work with newer program versions, but vice versa older program versions often don't work with current Pakset versions, because they used features that are missing in the older version.

There are different graphic sizes and resolutions available. A higher number means more pixels per tile.
To start with ST, we recommend the basic pak "pak64" or PAK128.german. Whereby the former has a slightly "higher" degree of difficulty.

  • Installation (Windows)

The .zip folder must be unpacked. You get a folder named "simutrans". The Pakset folder must be copied into this after it has been decompressed. Now you are ready to play. Start the application "simutrans(.exe)" and select (if you have several installed) the Pakset. Have fun!

  • Installation (Linux)

Install ST over the Package Manager- and if available a Pakset too. If there is no offered, Download one from SF, go to the Programfolder (/usr/share/simutrans when you use the official Repo) and make it writeable for you. Then copy the downloaded Pakset into it and start the program. Have fun!

System requirementslink

Simutrans runs on all computers (x86 / Intel, AMD, VIA) that have been sold since 2004 and run Windows (95 - Windows 10), Linux, BeOS/Zeta or MAC OS X 10.8 operating systems. Simutrans runs also on Apple with a PowerPC processor.

Older Computer (x86 / Intel, AMD, VIA) should meet the following Hardware requirements.

Minimum requirements
CPU step: 500 MHz
RAM: 512 MB
HD: 50 MB ( with a 64er Graficset )
Grafic card: 16 Bit SVGA
Resolution: 800x600

Recommended requirements
CPU step: 2 GHz ( Doppelkern )
RAM: 4 GB ( Cards with 2000x2000 )
RAM: 8 GB ( Cards with more than 2000x2000 )
Grafic card: 32 Bit True Color
Resolution: 1280x1024

required disk space
64er Graficsets
HD: 50 MB

128 Graficsets per Set ( pak128.cz )
HD: 120 MB

128 Graficsets per Set ( pak128.german, pak128.japan, pak128.britain )
HD: 280 MB

128 Graficsets per Set ( pak128 )
HD: 500 MB

192 Graficsets per Set ( pak192.comic )
HD: 380 MB

If you plan to install more than one Set, than you must calculate with a requirement of 1 GB - 1,5 GB disk space.

Additional Informationlink

More Information follows later...

-(required Driver for Mac/Linux)
-(Intel/ppc with Mac)

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