Einstellungen Passagiere

Parameter Passagierelink


 # passenger generation (default is 16) Smaller values means less passengers

Dieser Parameter beeinflusst die Passagiererzeugung. Kleinere Werte veringern die Passagier-/Posterzeugung.


 # town growth multiplier factors (electricity is not used at the moment)
 # A higher factor mean faster growth
 # passenger_multiplier = 40
 mail_multiplier = 20
 goods_multiplier = 20
 electricity_multiplier = 0


 # town growth is size dependent. There are three different sizes (<1000, 1000-10000, >10000)
 # the idea is, that area increase by square but growth is linear
 growthfactor_villages = 400
 growthfactor_cities = 200
 growthfactor_capitals = 100


 # amount of passengers that travel from/to factories or attractions
 # the remaining percentage is intercity and intracity travel
 factory_worker_percentage = 33
 tourist_percentage = 16


 # how much local destinations are preferred over time
 # 1 means almost local passengers/mail only, 10000 spreads them over the map
 # You can have up to ten entries, first is the year, next is the factor.
 # The increase between the year will increase first slow then fast towards
 # the final years


 # A factory will be added as worker's destination to a town, if it has either
 # is within factory_worker_radius
 # or has less than factory_worker_minimum_towns next cities added
 # and has not more than factory_worker_maximum_towns added
 # The default settings connect to maximum four cities with 77 tiles radius; or at least to the closest one
 # Setting factory_worker_maximum_towns to zero will not connect factories to towns
 factory_worker_radius = 77
 factory_worker_minimum_towns = 1
 factory_worker_maximum_towns = 4

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